Awkward Turtle The Word Guessing Game Awkward

Awkward Turtle is the ice breaker adult party game for people with a crude sense of humor and love for word games. It's made for small groups or large groups,no matter whether its a Halloween, birthday or regular party. The rules are simple, with four or more players,divide into two teams. Each team takes turns trying to guess awkward looking, sounding and feeling words from the dictionary that a teammate is describing to them. First team to 30 points wins the game. Words from the always cringeworthy 'moist' to overtly awkward like 'penis' as well as featuring some words that are just awkward or weird to think about like 'cesspool.' da Vinci's Room's Most Popular Board Game/Card Game of 2015 by Sales Probably the Most Awkward Deck of Cards You'll Ever Own. Compact box design for easy travel

Made with 90 premium quality cards for durability Timer not included.

Product Details

Color: Green

Brand: da Vinci's Room

Dimensions: 2.50' h x 1.25' w x 3.50' l


EASY TO PLAY,HARD TO WIN: Give clues to get your team to guess the words on your card. 352 Awkward Looking Sounding and Feeling Words makes this one of the harder word games for adults BREAK THE ICE: What are the best ice breakers for adults? An easy to play game that involves laughter. If You Love High Brow Humor, This Game is Not For You. A GAME FOR LARGE GROUPS:

Made for 4+ players split into two teams - Awkward Turtle should be added to your adult card games for parties collection. A DIRTY WORDS GAME: Like Taboo & Cards Against Humanity Combined - Guess the awkward word that is sometimes outright dirty and other times your imagination will make you cringe.... 'Moist.' Entertain Your Group of Friends for Less than the Price of That Snuggy You're Hiding in Your Closet - COMBINE WITH AWKWARD TURTLE 2 FOR MORE WORDS

Board Game Info
Included 90 Cards
Item Material Paper
Game Type Cards Against Humanity
Weight(g) 200
Product Size(mm) 100*75*30
Age 17+
Min Player Number 4
Max Player Number 4+
Game Length(mins) about 30

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Awkward Turtle The Word Guessing Game Awkward

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