-28% 2018 Real Popcorn Maker Cotton Candy Machine Mini Original Household Hot Air Popcorn Machine 110v/230v Ce Certification  EU Plug 32767575046
Item specifics
  • Voltage (V): 220V
  • Certification: RoHS,CB,CE
  • Type: Hot Air Popcorn Maker
  • Power (W): 1w
  • Function: With Switch Control,With Butter Melting Container,Overheat Protection
  • Product categories: Popcorn machine
  • Model: PS-1200
  • No.: PS-1200
  • Rated voltage: 230V
  • Rated power: 1200W
  • Product use: Make popcorn
  • Net weight: 0.75 (kg)
  • Outline dimension: 19*13*30 (CM)
Product Description
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Power: 1200W.

Voltage: 110V/230V.

Current: 50Hz.

Have CE certification

Color: white, yellow, etc.. Can also be selected by you.

Package size: 22 13.5 21 PC. CM/

82.5 23 42.5 12PCS. CM/

Gross weight: KGS 14/16


  • Rated voltage: AC220V/120V
    Rated frequency: 50/60HZ
    Maximum power: 1200W
    Net weight: 1.0Kg
    Packaging specifications: 225mm135mm205mm
    Yield: 60~80G or so corn / time
    Mechanical material: PP, PC plastic shell, Aluminum Alloy liner.
    Scope of application: This machine for small-size maize production, only need to corn do not need to add any ingredients can produce delicious sweet popcorn.
    A: use a manual
    This machine is suitable for family, bar, coffee shop, Cara OK room.
    Mechanical description, surrounded by high temperature transparent ABS material, on-site production with a super display effect. The use of advanced hot air technology popcorn, greatly enhance production; small size, exquisite technology, suitable for household production and as a display of crafts. [product features]

Suitable for use in Party / DIY occasions or family gatherings.
The retro Mini popcorn machine using hot air principle, can be compared to other commercially available popcorn machine explosion more corn.
"Since the use of hot air principle, can reduce the probability of success of corn not burst.
"Than in the microwave burst out more delicious popcorn healthier.
"Is not limited to use in the kitchen! For example: office, living room, bedroom, or outdoor... And so on place are suitable. )
"Not washed, just a simple kitchen towel or dry cloth to clean.






Machines are red and white
This shop is a factory outlets, all popcorn machine, cotton candy machine are foreign trade commodity, with those small workshops do three products is a qualitative difference, our product appearance were obtained national patent, and the GS certification, CE certification, PCT certification and other countries safety certification, raw materials used for safety new plastic and is by no means the participation of the large amounts of plasticizer old material, we reject the counterfeit goods with inferior price confusion in the market.

1 open the cover and put the corn into the machine. (this machine can only make popcorn flavor, not other seasoning, so long as the small corn OK)

2 cover and close handle spoon.

3 place the container to hold the popcorn before the popcorn machine is exported.

4 about 2--3 minutes later, the popcorn began to blow out from the opening.

5 when the tank exploded corn popcorn machine sound, should immediately turn off the switch. Remove the upper part of the body (should avoid hot surface, prevent scald), use your hands to the body, the rest of the popcorn into the container.

6 add all kinds of seasoning (if sauce, tomato sauce, butter, milk, etc.) can be eaten

7 If you continue popping 2 times, then every time the popcorn must be at least 10 minutes interval.

Matters needing attention

1 before use, please read the instructions carefully.

2 the popcorn machine in the work process, the higher surface temperature not to contact.

3 to prohibit the power cord, plug or popcorn machine other parts immersed in water, to prevent damage to the machine and electric shock.

4. When use the popcorn machine found power plug is damaged, should stop using, contact a professional maintenance staff should be repaired or send factory repair.

5 should be the proper use of popcorn machine and accessories, to avoid man-made operation and cause fire or damage.

6 after use or cleaning before the plug must be pulled out from the socket to be cooled and then install or remove the attachment.

7 mobile or overhaul popcorn machine, should first unplug the power cord plug, such as popcorn machine cooling and then move or repair.

8 in the use of popcorn machine, can not add water, oil and other additives in corn, so as not to damage the machine parts.

9 popcorn machine, can not move the upper body, so as not to fly out of high temperature burn popcorn or surface.

10 should avoid metal brush to clean popcorn machine, so as not to damage the inner surface of the popcorn machine protection layer.

11 may not be glass, metal items and other items into the popcorn machine processing tank, so as not to cause fire or danger.

12 do not put popcorn machine on cardboard, plastic, paper, and so on, so as to avoid the fire.

13 after using the popcorn machine, the switch should be turned to the "off" (OFF) position.

14 can not be used in outdoor popcorn machine, should be placed in a dry environment.

15 popcorn machine is only suitable for family use.

16 use is not allowed to leave, the use of children is prohibited.




Packaging Details
  • Unit Type: Bag
  • Package Weight: 0.9kg (1.98lb.)
  • Package Size: 15cm x 15cm x 15cm (5.91in x 5.91in x 5.91in)
Item specifics
NW 0.75 (kg)
Certification RoHS,CB,CE
Electrical parameters
Power 1w
Packaging Details
Unit Type Bag
Package Weight 0.9kg (1.98lb.)
Package Size 15cm x 15cm x 15cm (5.91in x 5.91in x 5.91in)

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2018 Real Popcorn Maker Cotton Candy Machine Mini Original Household Hot Air Popcorn Machine 110v/230v Ce Certification EU Plug 32767575046

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